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Solid floor finishing

Oil finish

The treatment of the solid wood floor with oil finish, is a treatment that enhances the floors, as the oil used, penetrating into the wood highlights the grain and leaves the surface very natural to the eye and to the touch. The oil treatment has the characteristic to donate to the parquet a shade much warmer than the coating, and at the same time has minimal needs for maintenance.

The oils used for the treatment of floors, are mixtures based on natural and synthetic oils; after their application and complete absorption and drying, give the floor characteristics such as excellent resistance to wear and water-oil repellent properties

The oil finish makes it so effective the idea of a wood “living material”, as the treatment does not create a film of surface protection, but confers resistance and hardness required for the normal use of the parquet impregnating the wood in depth; this feature allows to maintain unchanged over time the transpiration original timber.

Wax finish

For the treatment of solid wood flooring with wax, using compounds produced by dispersion of natural and synthetic waxes in hydrocarbon solvents or solvent mixtures containing oil of turpentine. Typically the waxes used are available in the form of pastes more or less viscous, or of fluid dispersions. Generally for waxing the floor waxes are used in paste, while for the maintenance of liquid waxes are usually used. For some treatments may be appropriate to use some types in paste, denominated waxes hot, made-based waxes particularly hard; these compounds can only be applied with appropriate tools fitted with an appropriate heater. The waxes for floors can be white, non-colored, or yellowish color (or even darker), in order to impart particular shades of color to the treated wood.

Paint finish

Among the treatments for solid wood floors, painting is usually the most popular finish, because this requires maintenance not excessive and has a ‘high resistance to scratches. The coating makes the wood floor more elegant, but it should be noted that compared to other surface treatments has a shorter duration in time.

Polyurethane paint

The polyurethane paint is a classic with a high resistance to abrasion and requires no maintenance other than cleaning with water. His “defect” is to give a less natural wood floor, creating a “plastic”.

Water based paint

The water-based paint, which came much more recently on the market is able to achieve a much more natural end, both visual and tactile. In this case the only “defect” is the fact of being a little less durable over time, compared to a polyurethane paint.

All the paints for the finishing of wooden floors are mixtures of liquid substances, which, after their application and the complete drying and curing, form a film on the floor to be protected. The characteristics of the film are such that it is realized the complete floor protection from stress or external agents, in addition to giving the floor an increased surface hardness, water resistance, but also ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The finish of the floor made by painting, it is usually transparent to allow a glimpse of the wood grain, you can choose between different final effects: glossy, semi-gloss or matt, and all with varying degrees of brightness. In some cases you can choose custom color paint for floors (bleached, blacks, or colored).